Julia Roberts Reveals That Her 1999 Armpit Hair ‘Statement’ Was Actually Not Intentional 😬

In 1999, Julia Roberts had just starred in Notting Hill, which would help supercharge her path to becoming the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, and it seemed like nothing could stop her. It was at that very moment she did something many feminists interpreted as a comment on beauty standards and star-expectations of the era.

At the London premiere of Notting Hill, she raised her arm to wave, revealing unshaved armpits.

At the time, many thanked her for standing up to the “rules” of proper appearance, but, over a decade later, Roberts has now revealed she wasn’t trying to make any point. She simply forgot about the length of her sleeve when she waved.

Appearing on Busy Tonight with Busy Phillips, Roberts said there was no real message attached to her armpit hair:

Roberts told Phillips:

“The picture is vivid in my mind actually, from that moment. I just hadn’t really calculated my sleeve length, and the waving, and how those two things would go together and reveal personal things about me.”

She went on:

“So it wasn’t so much a statement, as it’s just part of the statement I make as a human on the planet, for myself.”

Roberts has done a fair amount of introspection recently, speaking with ET about why she no longer spends time on the romantic comedies that turned her into a worldwide phenomenon:

“There came a point in my career where people thought I had turned on romantic comedies, which I love them, I love to be in them, I love to watch them. But sometimes, they just don’t work at a certain point of life experience. It’s not about age, it’s just about what people know that you know.”

Roberts is now starring in Homecoming, a psychological thriller streaming on Amazon Prime! Be sure to check it out, but don’t give too much thought to Roberts’ character’s armpit hair.

H/T – Marie Claire, ET