Actresses Tara Strong And Rena Sofer Capture Uber Driver’s Unhinged Rant Calling Them ‘Racist Lefties’

In a now-deleted tweet, actress Tara Strong shared a video of an Uber driver ranting at her and fellow actress Rena Sofer for being “racist lefties.” The video started in the middle of the fight, with the driver calling the duo racist.

Strong originally posted two minutes of video but said she has more than seven minutes. She directed the initial tweet at Uber, who, based on other tweets and responses, seemed to be working with the harassed actresses to figure out the story.

Twitter: @tarastrong


Strong deleted the tweet and posted a new one, calling out President Trump and right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro.

The women asked the driver to get off the freeway and drop them off. He argued with the women as he drove, saying the left metaphorically mind controls them and that they are ruining America.

The women responded that they are American.

According to the actresses, the driver’s rant began when he heard them talking about this being “the most [important] election of our time,” at which point he inserted himself into the conversation.

When the two women asked him to drop them off at a gas station or somewhere safe, he instead tried to drop them off in an illegal parking area. The women had to yell to get him to take them where they requested.

The story had people concerned about the two entertainers.

Some could see the driver’s perspective.

A representative from Uber told Yahoo Lifestyle that the driver has been temporarily suspended while they investigate.

H/T: Heavy, Yahoo