Dan Crenshaw Went On ‘SNL’ To Get An Apology From Pete Davidson—And Then Totally Roasted Him

SNL standout Pete Davidson took heavy criticism this past week for making fun of Lt. Commander Dan Crenshaw, now Congressman-elect of Texas. Crenshaw has worn an eye-patch since losing his eye during a deployment in Afghanistan, leading to some jokes of questionable taste from Davidson.

Among other things, Davidson compared Crenshaw to “a hitman in a porno movie.”

Surprisingly, Crenshaw appeared on last night’s Saturday Night Live for a segment with the edgy comedian. 

Davidson issued a heartfelt apology, explaining Crenshaw’s injury to the audience. The Congressman-elect graciously accepted.

But he wasn’t done yet. He proceeded to roast Davidson in hilarious fashion.

Soon after the pair made up, Crenshaw’s phone went off, featuring a familiar pop-star as the ringtone.

Crenshaw’s brutal clapback trolled Davidson and Ariana Grande’s infamous breakup.

The internet loved it.

Crenshaw still was not done. He went on to roast Davidson further in SNL Weekend Update fashion.

People applauded both Crenshaw and Davidson for making up on live television. 

After all the jokes, Crenshaw gave a short and powerful speech about Veterans’ Day. 

This was a rare moment of sincerity for SNL, and we LOVED it.

We’re all used to this country’s deeply divided media landscape, but Crenshaw and Davidson proved that it’s possible to apologize, make up and laugh.

Bravo, guys!

H/T: HuffPost, Atlantic