Ariana Grande Totally Geeked Out After Mark Hamill Unknowingly Quoted Her New Single

What do Ariana Grande and Mark Hamill have in common? Not so much, until a couple of days ago.

At the beginning of this month, Ariana released a surprise single about her exes called, “Thank U, Next.” The song earned 45.7 million streams in its first week alone, eclipsed this year only by Drake’s “Nonstop” and “God’s Plan.”

Check out the song here.

Hilariously, a couple of days ago, Luke Skywalker himself unknowingly referenced the new single in a tweet.

Grande was shocked by his reference and immediately responded, while simultaneously referencing another one of her hit singles, “Breathin.”

Hamill felt the need to own up to the fact that his tweet was simply coincidental and not a misspelled ode to Grande’s song.

But that didn’t deter Ariana from fan-girling anyway.

So what happens when the OG Jedi and America’s pop princess get into an accidental Twitter love-fest?

The internet goes crazy, of course.

Some people are now hoping that the encounter will spur further interaction.

Ariana still hasn’t recovered 🤣.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable, Rolling Stone