Ellen Tortures Michelle Obama During Costco Book Signing In The Funniest Way

On a recent episode of her talk show, Ellen tagged along to Michelle Obama’s book signing at Costco and couldn’t resist trolling the former First Lady. She repeatedly pranked Michelle using various props like a megaphone, a keyboard, and an economy-sized pack of Preparation-H cream.

Here’s Ellen torturing Michelle Obama while she attempted to sign books at Costco. 

Book signings are boring, but Ellen kept this one interesting by acting like the former First Lady’s worst nightmare. She signed her own name in Michelle’s new book Becoming and tried to pass off her own book to fans. At one point, Ellen obnoxiously read out an erotic romance novel on the megaphone, pretending it was Michelle’s book.

The internet adored Ellen and Michelle’s hilarious act together.

Ellen and Michelle also sat down to discuss politics, including Trump’s inauguration crowd size. 

According to Michelle, Trump’s inauguration crowd wasn’t so “yuge” after all. Shocker!

Michelle also told a funny story about when her daughter Malia went to her first prom.

People loved hearing about how the Secret Service trailed Malia and her date all night long. So romantic!

Ellen and Michelle clearly have a special bond, and we need more of their comic stylings! As one fan suggested, the pair should totally go on a road trip together.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly, HuffPost