Weatherman Pays Perfect Homage To Cam Newton My Mimicking All His Looks And Poses

You know what they say about imitation and flattery…

A meteorologist from Charlotte, North Carolina has become an internet sensation in the unlikeliest of ways.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is as famous for his fashion sense as he is for his talents on the field. Newton regularly posts his “outfit of the day” on Instagram, showing off his style–and Newton is no jeans-and-a-t-shirt type, so don’t get any ideas. This is high-fashion swag, what my generation called “flossing,” which I’m pretty sure is no longer a term because I am 1000 years old.

Anyway! Newton puts together some impeccably styled ensembles–sometimes flashy, sometimes daring, but always next-level–and hashtags them with #dripchronicles, which Urban Dictionary tells me is like where you have so much swag it drips off of you. (I figured it was a reference to Bruno Mars’s “Finesse,” because I never know what’s going on *shrug emoji*)

Charlotte’s Fox 46 weatherman, Nick Kosir is a fan of Newton’s, and was scrolling through Instagram when he came across one of Newton’s #dripchronicles. Fox 46 employees are encouraged to be active on social media, and suddenly Kosir had an idea. As he told Charlotte Five:

“I saw he had like 30,000 likes,” he said. “I thought to myself, ‘I wish it was that easy, where I could just take a picture of whatever I was wearing that day and get 30,000 likes.’ My boss would love me forever.”

So he began recreating Newton’s #dripchronicles and to his surprise, has gotten similar traction to the man himself!


Kosir even enlists his friends co-star when needed, like coworker Jason Harper standing in for linebacker Thomas Davis. “I’m a theater guy, so any chance I can put on a costume and play a character, and I’m excited about it,” Harper told Charlotte Five.

So does Kosir just have all this Newton-esque finery just laying around? Hardly. “It’s 50 percent shopping,” at places like Goodwill and Amazon and even Forever 21, “and the other 50 percent is arts and crafts,” Kosir says. Like those pants with the red stripe? Red electrical tape! Genius!

And Kosir’s tributes have won over people all over the internet

He’s even won over those who started out as naysayers. When someone suggested Kosir remake Newton’s ultimate drip…

…one woman was definitely skeptical.

But when she saw the end result?

Even she had to admit this guy has skills!

But if you’re wondering how Cam Newton himself has taken all this, well… wonder no more: he’s into it!


Guess that old maxim about imitation is true!

H/T Charlotte Five, USA Today