Steve Carrell Channelled His Inner Jeff Bezos To Mercilessly Troll Trump On ‘SNL’ —And It Was Glorious 😂

When it comes to raking Donald Trump over the coals, nobody is more reliably at the ready than Saturday Night Live.

(Well, except for that time they let him host the show during the 2016 election campaign but we’ll bygones be bygones. Everyone took Trump to be a joke at one time or another.)

But since Alec Baldwin’s ingenious, dead-on Trump impression hasn’t been accessible on account of Baldwin being in, like, jail or whatever, there’s been some sting missing in the show’s merciless mocking of the President. Until last night, that is.

Steve Carell was this week’s host, and the show kitted him out in the best bald cap this side of Telly Savalas to portray Amazon CEO and Trump nemesis Jeff Bezos, and the results were BRILLIANT.

Trump’s feud with Bezos is well known–and even footnoted with Tweet screenshots throughout the sketch. (It’s important to cite your sources!). He’s accused Bezos of taking advantage of the U.S. Postal Service (which has to be the first time a Republican has ever defended the Postal Service, since “Look at the postal service!” is their perennial go-to method of demonizing anything public in favor of privatization), and has characterized Bezos’s ownership of the Washington Post as the reason for its consistently unflattering coverage of him.

The show really got its punches in, poking all of Trump’s soft spots. From pointing out that Bezos is “literally 100x richer” than Trump, to telling him to “shave his head like a real man would,” and calling his infamous tennis outfit “tennis diapers,” the sketch really ticked all the boxes. Not even Trump’s beloved father was spared, as Carell-as-Bezos announced plans to turn one of the gem’s of the elder Trump’s real estate empire into a public urinal.

On Twitter, folks were, of course, delighted:

No bloviating, misspelled word yet on whether President Trump has seen the sketch, but he’ll surely let us know on Twitter when he has. Stay tuned!

H/T Mashable, Rolling Stone