CollegeHumor Explores What It’s Like Being Kanye’s Social Media Manager—And We Can Only Imagine ????

Kanye West’s Twitter feed is, if nothing else, an adventure into the unexpected. His tweets range from funny to insane, mean-spirited to inspiring —sometimes all in the same day.

Picking up on that trend, College Humor recently released a video imagining what it might be like to be Kanye’s social media manager.

The poor man can barely hold it together…

The internet couldn’t help but chuckle at this poor soul’s frustration.

Kanye…why would you do this?!

Fortunately, in the real world, Kanye is more than aware of his unmanageable nature.

You may recall when College Humor tackled a similar subject a few years ago: what it might be like to be Nicholas Cage’s agent.

College Humor also released a video a couple years later of what it might be like to be Chris Brown’s publicist. Spoiler: it isn’t pleasant.

We look forward to another world-weary PR person trying their best to manage an unpredictable celebrity. Only time will tell which celebrity they’ll be working with!

H/T – Huffpost, YouTube