This Viral Video Of A Tiny Pika ‘Singing’ Along With Freddie Mercury Is A Work Of Genius ????

This morning we had never heard of a pika, and now,  not only do we know what one is, but now thanks to the glorious internet,  we have seen one singing along with Queen icon Freddie Mercury. Oh internet, how we love thee.

Joe Vevers, a YouTuber who is clearly a genius or perhaps just has a lot of time on his hands, recently posted the greatest animal video we’ve seen since the honey badger.  In it, a pika (which we now know is a kind of mouse looking mammal that lives in Asia) brilliantly sings along with Mercury. Hint: We think it’s lip-synching, but don’t quote us on that.





You’re welcome.


H/T: Mashable, The Big 98