This Man’s Résumé Boasting Kim Kardashian’s Retweet Lands Him Three Job Interviews In One Week

These days, finding work in any field can be a challenge.

Unless you have a little bit of help from Kim Kardashian-West.

Chris Sumlin is a screenwriter who despite being a published author has had a difficult time finding a job. But a year ago, he was handed a little celebrity firepower in the form of a tweet.

Sumlin wrote his graduate school thesis paper on Kim Kardashian and her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood video game.

She caught wind of it and retweeted it.

Well, Sumlin wasn’t one to miss an opportunity for a little self-promotion.

So he began to put the fact that Kardashian-West once retweeted him on his resume.

And once again, Sumlin got a response.

People were here for it.

Others asked Kim to help them out too.

And of course, Sumlin added the new retweet onto his resume.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Chris!

H/T: Independent, Twitter