Jason Momoa Opens Up About The Biggest ‘Challenges’ Of His Aquaman Suit—And It’s TMI 😂

Being Aquaman is a hard job…but not for the reasons you might expect. In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, Aquaman stars Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard discussed the pros and cons of their elaborate costumes.

As always, Mamoa was perfectly candid in his answer, which left the audience with a little too much information!

Mamo explained that even Aquaman sometimes gets “the poopsies”:

“It looks like it’s easy to pee in that. But really it’s not. And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging. You’ve gotta be really good at holding it.”

The star then explained that having children has taught him to use dignified terms such as “poopsies” in lieu of any lewd language.

Heard had a more eloquent point when it came to her outfit:

“It’s a whole other level of functional art. They’re so intricate. You have to move in it, you have to breathe in it, you have to live in it.”

People online felt a lot of sympathy for Mamoa’s poop issues.

Well, many of them wished they didn’t have the image in their mind.

At least Mamoa’s honest!

When it comes down to it, we all poop.

There’s something magical about making a movie…

To see the costume that kept Mamoa from his movements, check out Aquaman in theaters December 21!

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