Seth Rogen Is Barely Recognizable Without His Beard–And The Internet Got Real Thirsty

Funnyman Seth Rogen is pretty notable for his beard. The Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director has rarely been seen without his signature facial hair.

It’s kind of his thing.

But then something crazy happened on November 28, 2018, which we will now always remember as The Day Seth Rogen Shaved.

Rogen tweeted his bold new look and captioned it, simply, “I shaved.”

That jawline.

The bushy beard he usually sports is all gone and now we have this…guy. This guy doesn’t look like Seth Rogen. Obviously, he is, but he looks like the lead in a romantic drama, not the lead in Pineapple Express.

People were shook.

The Twitter-verse is reacting well to the change. Some, a little TOO well.

This is surely a side of Seth Rogen we’ve never seen.

And we are definitely way too into it.

Who else wonders what kinds of films we will see with shaved, handsome, tragic, brooding Seth Rogen?

H/T: Twitter, UniLad