Jennifer Garner’s Parenting Experience Goes Viral After Daughter Leaves Her A Brutal Note

Jennifer Garner has been very open with fans about her experience parenting.

In a post on Instagram, she related an instance where she was not sure if she was doing something right or wrong.

The post shows part of a ripped piece of paper with a message scrawled in a child’s handwriting.

It says:

“When I grow up, I want to be a fun-killing mom, just like you!”

The famous star posted it with the caption:

“Is this a nine year old burn? Or the ultimate compliment? #funkillingmom 🙋🏻‍♀️ #illtakealovenotehoweveritcomes”

The comments found the ambiguous letter hysterical, noting that Garner was obviously doing things very right with her daughter, Seraphina.

Others were surprised at the child’s grasp of English punctuation.

And more just commiserated as other ‘fun-killers’.

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The post went viral with others commenting.

Some felt Garner could lighten up, while others assured her it’s just part of parenting.

Garner, a star of film and television, has one of the most relatable Instagram accounts, sharing instances of her children writing her notes.

Earlier this year, she posted a message from her son, Samuel, that just read “I love farts.”

But it’s not all farts and fun killing.

Sometimes she gets a sweet message from her children.

Outside of parenting, Garner has been busy with work starring in the action movie Peppermint and the American version of the British comedy Camping.

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