Dick Van Dyke Just Responded To Piers Morgan’s Tasteless Joke With An Epic Tweet

Piers Morgan, a co-anchor on Good Morning Britain who has a penchant for making insensitive remarks just to stir the pot, disgraced the internet with a stupid tweet about beloved film and TV star Dick Van Dyke on Saturday, December 1.

Morgan’s tweet managed to be both tasteless and not funny.

Dick Van Dyke responded with a perfect screenshot from Diagnosis: Murder.

Van Dyke’s face in this picture is everybody’s face at Morgan’s attempts at meanspirited humor.

But everybody loved 92-year-old Van Dyke’s response.

As Mashable said, “perhaps that’s the best way to deal with the Piers Morgans of the world: saying nothing, staring incredulously for a moment, then moving on.”

Morgan went out of his way to malign Van Dyke, make a homophobic and sexist joke, and plaster it on the internet.  What fun it must be to be him.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter