Parents Are Sharing Pics Of Their Babies Wearing Helmets In Support Of Chrissy Teigen’s Son—And It’s Too Adorable 😍

Chrissy Teigen posted on Twitter that her and John Legend’s son, six-month-old Miles, was getting fitted for a helmet to help his head grow properly.

Or, as she put it, he’s “fixing his flat.”

Teigen joked about her own head, too.

After the fitting was done, Teigen shared an image of little Miles wearing his helmet and, as expected, he’s unbelievably adorable.

Teigen’s post encouraged others to share when their kids had to wear skull-shaping helmets.

Babies have softer skulls than adults, which allow them to pass through the birth canal. As they get older, their skull plates fuse, which, in some situations, can lead to a flat head. Corrective helmets allow the head to grow more evenly.

It was a very cute thread of some very cute babies.

We have to agree that these helmet-sporting babies are extra cute.

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter