Jon Voight Remarked That He’s ‘Ready’ To Be Trump’s Next Chief Of Staff—And Twitter Came With The Jokes 😂

Actor Jon Voight  (Ray Donovan, Midnight Cowboy) was spotted entering the White House by CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins.

Since President Trump has been having trouble filling the position of Cheif of Staff, Collins asked Voight if he might consider himself a contender.

Collins shared a picture on Twitter.

The actor jokingly (we hope!) replied that his credentials are ready.

This sent Twitter into the realm of possibilities.

Seems like he has a solid resume by Trump standards.

Here’s a sobering thought.

The possibilities are endless.

Hey, don’t forget this guy.

Some folks are no longer laughing at the sideshow.

Should we all be worried?

H/T: Huffington Post, Raw Story