Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ Holiday Card This Year Basically Trolls Their Entire Family ????

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos couldn’t figure out how to plan the perfect holiday card with their kids.

Instead, they played a little prank on their respective families with the help of two of Consuelos’ fellow Riverdale cast members. “From Our Family To Yours” reads the card but, instead of Ripa, it features her husband’s TV family, Hermione and Veronica.

But don’t worry! Kelly and Mark’s real family are chilling out on the card’s reverse side.

Check out this absolute troll of a Christmas card.

People thought the card was a brilliant bit of humor.

And it looks as if Kelly will be joining her husband for a stint on Riverdale.

Fans were pretty excited to see Ripa whip out a pistol on a recent trailer for Riverdale.

The hype for new episodes of Riverdale is intensifying. 

As many pointed out, Kelly and Mark’s marriage must be rock solid if she’s willing to let another woman appear in their season’s greetings. Looks like their hilarious holiday card mix-up totally paid off!