Drag Queen Dresses Up As Hormone Monster From ‘Big Mouth’ For Incredible Lip Sync To ‘Bubble Bath’ πŸ™Œ

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, eat your hearts out.

Miss Toto, a drag queen based in Miami, Florida, took on Maya Rudolph’s crazy chaotic “Hormone Monstress” from Big Mouth for an opening lip sync.

Not to mention, Miss Toto’s Hormone Monstress look was ON FLEEK.

The look and performance were so amazing that they gained attention from Big MouthΒ creator Nick Kroll:

And from Netflix, who look like they’re offering Miss Toto a free subscription:

And. of course, from adoring fans, who can’t really believe what they just saw:

According toΒ Mashable:

“In addition to being an incredible drag performer, Miss Toto isΒ alsoΒ a nationally qualified bodybuilder and a postgrad marine science researcher at the University of Miami.”

Has Maya Rudolph seen this yet?!


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