James Woods Tried To Call Out CNN’s Map Gaffe—Ends Up Making A Gaffe Of His Own

Actor and avid alt-right Trump supporter James Woods took to social media to school CNN on a graphic they bungled five years ago. Unfortunately, his attempt to shame turned against him.

In the segment Woods criticized, reporter Poppy Harlow was covering hornet attacks in Hong Kong. Behind her, a graphic appears, while she is unaware, showing Hong Kong in  South America around the area of Brazil.

These things happen. Recently, Fox News accidentally called Donald Trump “David” Trump. But when Woods jumped at the opportunity to let CNN know they messed up, he succeeded only in playing himself.

He tweeted a still photo of the gaffe with the hashtag #ThisIsCNN and the words, “Hong Kong, Africa…”

Wait. What? 


Twitter couldn’t jump on this fast enough.

 Of course, one would think Woods would respond, or delete the mistake, but…no.

One Twitter user felt bad for Woods and offered him a boost of confidence.

One person thought Woods was a winner in at least one category.

It might be time for another Twitter break.