Someone Photoshopped Frasier Crane Into A NYC Bookstore On Google Maps—And It’s Genius 😂

New York City bookstore McNally Jackson was having some issues with their Google Maps this week. When they went online to resolve the problems, they discovered quite the surprise.

It seems that someone decided to Photoshop Dr. Frasier Crane, Kelsey Grammar’s character in Frasier, into the window of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn location.

Sam from McNally Jackson made an observation about the picture.

“Based on what’s in the window, it’s from very early on, when we first opened.”

The Williamsburg location opened in January of this year, and the image with Frasier Crane was added to Google maps in February.

The user who added the doctored photo used the name Stephen Trask, but it is believed that the name is really a pseudonym, as Stephen Trask is the name of the composer known for Hedwig And The Angry Inch and Little Fockers.

People love that the Seattle-based psychologist appears to be browsing books in the bookshop.

Others are inspired by the idea.

I look forward to seeing what this inspires.