Rob Lowe Just Weighed In On A British Political Controversy—And Brits Are Very Confused 😂

Many Americans are too preoccupied with the political circus plaguing the United States to stay up-to-date on developments abroad.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem for actor Rob Lowe, who weighed in on the controversy embroiling Britain’s Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr. Corbyn faced accusations from opposition MPs that he had called Theresa May a “stupid woman”  following a heated exchange in the Commons.

Mr. Corbyn denies the accusation, claiming he said “stupid people,” referring generally to MPs on the opposite benches.

Mr. Lowe, who has experienced several political tussles during his years playing Sam Seaborn in TV series The West Wing, tweeted: “FYI – I have to say, I saw Jeremy Corbin call the Prime Minister a ‘stupid woman’ with my own eyes watching on @SkyNewsPolitics.”

As news outlets employed lip readers to interpret the comments, Twitter users were split on which side to take.

One user told Mr Lowe in no uncertain terms what his view was, saying “your lip reading leaves a lot to be desired, much like your acting”, to which the St Elmo’s Fire star responded: “Amazing!”


West Wing jokes weren’t in short supply.


But mostly, Brits were flummoxed at the randomness of Lowe’s input.

While most were stumped, it appears there’s a sliver of an explanation.

In its final two weeks, can 2018 afford to get any stranger?