This Revamped ‘Die Hard’ Trailer Finally Settles The Christmas Movie Debate Once And For All 😂

The debate around Die Hard has been going on since the film came out. The question?

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Now 20th Century Fox has weighed in, releasing a recut trailer for the film, playing up its comedy and holiday theme. The trailer was released for a new collection of the Die Hard films, in 4K resolution.

It’s a pretty fun trailer:

People were loving it:

Die Hard tells the tale of detective John McClane, caught up in the middle of a terrorist attack during his wife’s holiday work party. The only one not taken hostage, McClane must figure out how to stop the villains while outgunned and outmanned.

The new trailer for the film focuses on the holiday setting and much of the humor. However, it’s unlikely to settle the debate. While the film takes place around the holidays, it lacks a significant holiday feel.

Also, it was initially released in July.

Die Hard isn’t the only action movie to take place around the holidays. Other unconventional films are often added to holiday lists, such as Lethal Weapon, Batman Returns, and Gremlins.

While the debate rages on, this trailer provides some fun for everyone.

The new Die Hard collection is now available to purchase.