The Internet Is Savaging Piers Morgan For Calling Michelle Obama ‘Bitchy’

Well, you know the old adage:

“it was a day that ended in ‘y’ so Piers Morgan had to come out and make a fool of himself because he has a problem with women, especially women of color.”

I believe it was Churchill who said that.

The Trump-loving British “journalist” has made a career out of taking weird stances on…well everything, really, but he hates women especially.

So much so that he even attacked Daniel Craig’s masculinity because he *checks notes* carried his baby (as opposed to tossing her in one of those old grocery bags we all keep inside another grocery bag in our cupboards, I guess).

But what really seems to scald his Yorkshire pudding (that’s a saying in the UK, I’m pretty sure) is women of color.

From Meghan Markle, to Beyoncé, to Chrissy Teigen, to Janet Mock (who–bonus!–is transgender, another thing that just curdles Piers’s Devonshire cream as I’m almost certain the Brits would put it), Morgan has attacked an impressive list of specifically non-white women over the years.

And now, he’s come for perhaps the most beloved of the women-of-color pantheon, Michelle Obama herself, and absolutely nobody is having it.

During a stop on her book tour for her bestseller Becoming—available here—at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, everyone’s favorite former FLOTUS spoke candidly about her feelings during her final moments in the White House.

Watch the video here.

When Jimmy showed the photo of Michelle and Barack Obama waving from the steps of Air Force One for the last time, Obama described her feelings as, “Bye Felicia,” referencing the popular dismissive slang phrase that some of my fellow white people think is derived from Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore but is actually derived from the best film ever made, Friday.

Anyway poor Piers must have really got his feelings hurt, because he devoted his entire column in UK newspaper The Daily Mail to stamping his feet in Michelle Obama’s direction, saying she “let me down” by being “cheap” and “tacky” in her “direct attack” on Melania Trump.

How does “Bye Felicia” constitute an attack on Melania Trump?

I certainly have no idea since the answer is “it literally doesn’t,” but Piers has an explanation he’d like to share:

“[Obama] is a very smart woman too, so she will have also known that ‘Felicia’ is a very similar phonetic name to ‘Melania,’ so it would be very obvious to whom she was referring.”

Oh okay.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Piers repeatedly referred to Obama’s comments as “bitchy.”

Excuse me?

So you can imagine how this all landed on Twitter.

Let’s take a look!

But it wasn’t just African-Americans who had adverse reactions, for revulsion at the vileness and blinding stupidity of Morgan’s commentary is universal!

Anyway, no comment as yet from Michelle Obama on Morgan’s words.

Probably because she is too busy slaying us all dead in Balenciaga boots and whatnot.

I mean, who has the time for such nonsense?

We only have one thing to say to Piers Morgan:

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