Chrissy Teigen Just Gave The Ultimate Shout-Out To A Nintendo Switch Game Called ‘Shantae: Half-Genie Hero’

Video games are most likely not the first thing you think of when you hear Chrissy Teigen. The model and all-around internet star, married to singer John Legend, is better known for her culinary pursuits and co-hosting Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle with LL Cool J.

Teigan posted the following photo on Wednesday, with the caption “high/low-er (SHANTAE HALF GENIE IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE I have no stake in this just get it)”.

Chrissy Teigan/Instagram

The game, a reboot of a Game Boy classic, was crowdfunded by fans via Kickstarter (where it raised over $775k!). It features a ponytailed, bellydancing heroine, who uses her mad dancing skills (and a bit of magic) to shape-shift and overcome challenges to save the world from evil.

The classic platformer gameplay features absolutely adorable graphics, sure to appeal to any fan of the cute and cuddly aesthetic. It is available on most platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Fans had lots to say on Instagram. Many commented on Teigen’s Carmen Sandiego-esque look.



Others also shared some love for Shantae.



The Shantae series has an avid following, and even Teigen has posted about it on Twitter.

Teigen’s fans are excited that she is into gaming too.