Some Idiot Tried To Mansplain Cooking To Nigella Lawson And Got Shut All The Way Down

No matter how successful, talented, and experienced a woman is, there’s always some random man who thinks he knows better.

Nigella Lawson, renowned “English journalist, broadcaster, television personality, gourmet, and food writer,” took to Twitter to post a photo of her Christmas ham, which she planned on cooking for 24 hours. This recipe, along with many others, can be found in one of her countless books on cooking. The point is, she knows what she’s doing.

Still, that didn’t stop one dude from sounding off in an effort to correct her:

Twitter: Claire Maugham


The confused/patronizing man commented:

“Love this but… Surely you mean the fridge for 24hours”

To which Lawson replied:

“The fridge wouldn’t do a very good job of cooking it!”

Twitter couldn’t stop laughing at the “hamsplaining,” and made sure the thread went viral so everyone could see.

Maybe the man was just confused, but that doesn’t mean the professional chef is the one in the wrong.

Besides, the alternate reality he’s suggested is a terrifying one.

Twitter quickly shut the man WAY down.

Good thing an average, uninformed man was here to stop this world-famous chef from making a rookie mistake!

People were surprised the man didn’t use one of the stereotypical mansplaining phrases…

And just in case anyone was wondering, Lawson’s recipe is absolutely delicious…when cooked properly for 24 hours. Eating a 24-hour chilled ham? Not advisable.