Chrissy Teigen Rang In The New Year By Almost Losing An Eyeball In 2019’s First Viral (And Painful) Moment ????

Those of you who didn’t ring in the New Year watching Leslie Jones and Chrissy Teigan on NBC missed the East Coast’s first viral moment of the year.

NBC’s Times Square coverage of New Year’s Eve had mixed reviews after Teigan discussed her practice of vaginal steaming on live television.

Perhaps it was instant karma or simply bad timing but, just after that discussion, Teigan almost lost an eye.

The accident happened right after the stroke of midnight. As New York City and the entire East Coast rang in the New Year, Teigan went in to hug her co-host of the night, Leslie Jones.

Because of that day’s downpour, Jones was holding an umbrella. When Teigan approached Jones for an embrace, the umbrella was in the way.

Teigan’s face collided with the umbrella.

Here’s a more close-up view of the collision.

Just a couple hours after the face smash, Jones took to Twitter to apologize and share her embarrassment.

But Teigan was quick to forgive — and she threw in an excellent pun to boot.

But before she let Jones off the hook, she joked about the true extent of her injury.

The internet can’t stop laughing at 2019’s first viral moment.

We are so glad your eye is okay, Chrissy. Thanks for making us laugh.