Cookie Monster’s Twitter Is Way More Relatable Than It Probably Should Be πŸͺπŸ˜‚

The Cookie Monster has a new addiction: Twitter.

Sesame Street‘s favoriteΒ cookie connoisseur is gaining a reputation as one of Twitter’s greatest scribes, regularly firing off sweet tweets about cookies and enriching our lives with his unique brand of wisdom. His popular feed pays tribute to cookies from all over the world, showcasing different recipes and enlightening us with new facts about the beloved baked good.

Cookie Monster’s New Year’s resolution? Eat more cookies for self-care. Duh.Β 

He’s relatable, trendy, and oh-so-funny. Cookie Monster is social media GOLD.

He often tweets cookie-themed versions of popular memes.Β 

Cookie Monster is pretty much the world’s most qualified user of the cookie emoji.

His social media output honors epic cookies of all shapes and sizes. Yum!

Outside of his beloved snack, Cookie Monster often tweets aboutΒ his famous friends.

What’s not to love about Cookie Monster on Twitter?

If you want to knowΒ how the cookie crumbles on social media, you’ve simply got to follow Cookie Monster.