Netflix Issues Warning After People Keep Hurting Themselves With Viral ‘Bird Box’ Challenge ????

Netflix just released a slew of new content. Movies like the interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch were highly anticipated and have become overnight sensations. Another hit that has swept the sci-fi thriller community is Susanne Bier’s Bird Box.

Netflix summarizes the film as follows: 

“In the wake of an unknown global terror, a mother must find the strength to flee with her children down a treacherous river in search of safety. Due to unseen deadly forces, the perilous journey must be made blindly.”

It stars Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock. Bullock’s character and her family must remain blindfolded to avoid a presence that forces humans to kill themselves if they make eye contact.

The movie has inspired the “Bird Box Challenge” in which fans of the movie attempt tasks blindfolded.

Check out some of the challenge-inspired videos.

As you can see, the challenge presents a certain set of dangers. Not surprisingly, Netflix has no interest in taking responsibility for challenge-inspired injuries.

They took to Twitter to warn viewers against participating in the challenge.

People cannot handle the fact that Netflix had to go to such lengths because of this nonsense.

Others decided the PSA provided the perfect opportunity to express their enjoyment (and commitment) to the movie.

If you haven’t seen Bird Box yet, enjoy the movie but please refrain from the challenge.