Beyoncé Was Spotted At Target—And She’s Truly One Of Us, You Guys ????

Twitter is in a Target tizzy after a fan posted a picture of mega-star Beyoncé strolling the aisles like a normal, non-celebrity person. In the shot, the Lemonade singer is wearing a jumpsuit and sunglasses, looking more glamorous than we ever have while browsing the aisles of Targét.

This isn’t the first time Queen Bey has been spotted at a local Target. Back in March 2018, the pop diva was spotted and photos were snapped while she shopped with daughter Blue Ivy.

We aren’t sure exactly what was happening the moment these photos were snapped but it appears the fan may have fallen over in shock and taken the pics while lying on the ground. How many people could say they wouldn’t do the same?

This time around it wasn’t just fans getting worked up — other celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Roxane Gay and Busy Phillips also weighed in on the global experience.

Teigen even went so far as to suggest Beyoncé was there to pick up a set Teigen’s kitchen knives:

Some speculated about how this all went down. 

Others could only imagine how they would react. 

Some fans really needed specifics. 


Well, it’s almost the same as meeting her. 

Twitter Sarah City
Twitter Sarah City


Okay, now this is just getting weird.