Chris Evans Straight-Up Despises ‘Smart’ Technology—And He Just Let Everyone Know It In A Scathing Tweet ????

Captain America is done with techy-tech gadgets that leave him feeling frustrated.

More specifically, the actor who portrays Captain America, Chris Evans, blew a bit of a gasket over tech-related appliances and home features.

Evans took to Twitter to vent his frustration, saying:

“Dear All Technology, Remember the 90’s when you just WORKED??? I don’t need a ‘smart’ feature on my TV, thermostat, lights, music, refrigerator, security cameras, and f-ing car. You’re a major pain in all of our asses. You’re not worth it. Signed, Everyone”

The good news is Evans isn’t alone. He has superhero friends, like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo.

The bad news? They only want to mock him. 

We’ve all been there, but Twitter wasn’t cutting Evans much slack.

Dang, it’s a tough crowd.

We suppose Twitter wasn’t the best place to announce his dislike for all things tech. Also, we hear turning things off and on again really helps.