Gwyneth Paltrow’s Theory About Why Brad Pitt Always Looks Like His Girlfriends Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense ????

By now everyone has heard about actor Brad Pitt‘s penchant for twinning with his significant others, right?

Ever since photographer  Sarah McGonagall dove down the rabbit hole seeking out every picture of Pitt with his past partners, the world has been obsessed with discovering why The Sexiest Man Alive (twice) would want to morph into someone else.

But what if we have been looking at it all wrong?

Leave it to one of those twinny women to break the code. Gwyneth Paltrow dated and was engaged to Pitt in the ’90s and can speak from experience on the Pitt twin experience.

In a response to an Instagram post, Paltrow gave us the goods.

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mind = blown. #CommentsByCelebs

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And people were SHOOK.

Brad Pitt Twinning

Brad Pitt Twinning

Brad Pitt Twinning

Brad Pitt Twinning

Whether it’s the women or Pitt doing the morphing, we can’t get enough of these blasts from the past.





Maybe it is him after all.