Jim Carrey Held An Epic Coloring Contest For His Latest Trump Portrait—And His Fans Did Not Disappoint ????

Jim Carrey’s political paintings and illustrations have dominated social media in recent months, but now he’s giving fans a unique chance to participate in his popular artwork.

It’s no secret the beloved comedian despises President Donald Trump, and he’s created numerous pieces of protest art to share with his 18 million Twitter followers. His work critiques Trump’s disastrous policy decisions, including his various failings on immigration, economics, and just about everything else.

The 45th president typically looks like a goblin in Carrey’s artwork, and he recently held an epic coloring contest to finish his latest caricature of Donald Trump.

Carrey issued the challenge to his followers using the hashtag #ColorHimGone.

Here’s the uncolored template that Carrey sent out to his followers.

The image depicts Donald Trump getting kicked in the butt. 

Jim Carrey


People who entered the coloring contest described it as “art therapy.”

While many simply colored the image, other submissions were more abstract. 

A few talented folks animated Carrey’s drawing, totally bringing it to life. 

The hashtag #ColorHimGone has become popular with creatives on Twitter.

There are lots of fabulous entries in Carrey’s coloring contest!

Make sure to check out #ColorHimGone on Twitter to see Trump getting his butt kicked in crayon, marker, paint, and numerous other styles of art.