John Krasinski Was The Meryl Streep Of This Year’s Golden Globes After Accidentally Recreating Her Meme ❤️

Just when you thought the Golden Globes couldn’t get any more precious with Sandra Oh,  winner of  Best Actress in a TV Drama Series, telling her parents she loved them, along comes the cutest couple ever, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

While Blunt took the stage with Mary Poppins Returns co-star Dick Van Dyke, her husband, Krasinski, cheered her on.

Like, in a really big way. 

Nothing unusual about that; married people cheer each other on all the time, but something about this particular cheer looked mighty familiar.

Wait a minute… he’s channeling Meryl Streep. 

Twitter misses nothing.

Apparently, that wasn’t the only time Streep used the double hand shouty move. 

This is one couple folks can’t get enough of.


Yeah, she is!