‘I’d Be Dead’—Drew Barrymore Shares Her Thoughts On Plastic Surgery And Heroin

Drew Barrymore, who you may know as the star of the acclaimed Netflix horror/comedy Santa Clarita Diet, has been a notable name in the film industry her entire life (50 First Dates, Charlie’s Angels).

Barrymore rose to fame in 1982 at the age of seven for her portrayal of Gertie in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. She had a highly publicized childhood and adolescence, marked by alcohol and drug abuse, and has since come through to the other side.

Now 43, Barrymore has been very open about her past struggles. So when Barrymore sat down for an interview with Glamour UK to talk about her beauty brand, “Flower Beauty,” she gave some insight into how she keeps herself healthy despite a difficult past.

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Deborah Joseph, who gave the interview, says she was “taken aback by her normality,” and that the interview progressed naturally and sweetly, as evidenced by the fact that “five minutes in, and [they were] talking heroin and plastic surgery.”

“I have an extremely addictive personality,” Barrymore told Joseph.

“I’ve never done heroin, and I don’t want to get plastic surgery because I feel like they’re both very slippery slopes. I feel if I try either, I’m going to be dead really soon.”

Barrymore has always been candid about her struggles. Just last month she shared an Instagram post showing herself weeping after a clearly bad day, to try and de-normalize the manufactured beauty that came with “two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting,” and started a discussion about the real day-to-day struggle of being a human being.

Barrymore created “Flower Beauty” because of how strongly she feels about aging naturally.

“Not messing with my face or chasing some unnatural beauty is a standard I live by,” she explained to Glamour UK.

“I have dark circles under my eyes. I was at my dermatologist’s recently who said to me, ‘Can I shoot some Juvederm up there? It will raise the skin and it won’t be so sunken, which is causing the darkness to look worse, because it’s lower than the natural light that is hitting it.’ And I went: ‘No, but I’m gonna go home and start highlighting under my eyes, so thank you for the tip!”

Clearly it’s working:

And if anything, it’s more of an incentive for the public to adore Drew Barrymore, in addition to some pertinent other reasons:


When confronted with the idea that it was “unusual for a Hollywood star of [Drew Barrymore’s] status to be so, well, au natural,” the mom of two responded:

“It shouldn’t be. We’ve gone far too far with the whole thing, especially when people who are so young are doing it.”

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“I feel aging is a privilege. It’s about how to do it gracefully, with humor, self-love and a respect for the process, and that’s always been really important to me. Then I started having girls and I thought, thank god these were my initial instincts. Now I can carry them out in an even more deep and profound way.”

Barrymore’s show, Santa Clarita Diet, will premiere its third season of ten episodes set to premiere sometime within the first quarter of 2019. The first two seasons are currently available and streaming.