Martha Stewart’s Hack For The Perfect Scrambled Egg Is Brilliant Nonsense

Martha Stewart just came out with a new cooking hack, and people are scratching their heads. The dish at hand is none other than everyone’s breakfast go-to — scrambled eggs.

Stewart’s website claims:

“Achieving perfect scrambled eggs with large, soft curds time after time is not so simple, though. While every cook should master this skill, sometimes, even when you’ve scrambled eggs dozens of times, you end up with rubbery, dry eggs.”

The method includes a heat-proof mug, eggs, salt, pepper and butter, and (wait for it…) an espresso machine.

Because, everyone has an espresso machine lying around their kitchens, right?

The New York Post called the hack, “an innovative albeit out-of-touch trick.” And Insider said the technique “will leave you feeling upset and intrigued all at the same time”

So, let’s check out this groundbreaking cooking hack, shall we?

As you can see, Martha cracks, seasons, and lightly mixes her eggs in a heat-proof mug. From there she simply inserts her cappuccino machine’s milk frothing wand into the mug.

She explains that the frother, “steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs…and in just a matter of seconds, your eggs are finished.”

She even adds the fact that the trick will be a “conversation piece.”


The internet is shook over the bizarrely bougie yet efficient hack.

Others are all about it and can’t wait to try it themselves.

Stewart actually learned the trick from NYC chef Jody Williams.