Penn Badgley Is Here To Remind You Why You Absolutely Shouldn’t Be Crushing On His Character From ‘You’

Do we have to do this, internet? Do we have to remind you not to find psychopaths sexy? You do you and all that, but Penn Badgley would prefer you not want to do You.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the TV show You.

Joe Goldberg on the TV show You is an obsessed stalker and murderer. He uses social media, lies, and the aforementioned murder to try and get a woman, Guinevere Beck, to fall in love with him.

Not helping this situation is that Goldberg is played by Penn Badgley, a fairly attractive actor. So attractive, in fact, that people are choosing to completely ignore his character’s actions.

I mean, Joe Goldberg IS kind of hot.

However, this isn’t sitting well with Badgley. The actor is best known for playing less murder-y roles, such as “Woodchuck” Todd in the film Easy A, and the writer/poet Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. The shift to murderous stalker is a little jarring, to say the least.

Since the show You moved from Lifetime to Netflix, many more people have discovered Badgley’s performance as Goldberg. With so many people talking about how attractive they find the character, Badgley has to take a stand.

If you mention how sexy Joe Goldberg is, be prepared to be refuted by the actor himself.

Real talk: It’s perfectly normal to find something appealing about the character, but don’t ask the actor himself to kidnap you.

Not to worry, Mr. Badgley. There are people out there who understand you.

You was a series on Lifetime in which Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, stalks a graduate student. He manipulates her and kills the people around her to make her fall in love with him. Because that always turns out so well.

Lifetime passed on a second season but Netflix swooped in and picked it up. It stars Badgley as Joe Golberg and Elizabeth Lail as his love interest, Guinevere Beck. It’s a good show with good actors and interesting writing. But remember, Badgley’s character is not a person you should aspire to be — or to meet.