Viral Story About Drake Tipping Two McDonald’s Employees $10,000 Each Turns Out To Be Not Quite Accurate

Twitter was buzzing after news that Canadian rap god Drake tipped two McDonald workers $10,000 each during a late-night food run, but it seems you can’t believe everything you read on the internet…or can you?

It all began when Twitter user @imajnoel shared his close encounter of the Drake kind after spotting the 32-year-old rapper at an LA McDonald’s late Saturday night.

Seeing Drake in public is crazy enough, but the former Degrassi star reportedly also gave two female employees a $10,000 tip, each, which is almost enough for extra nugget sauce.

Pretty soon the story had gone viral and half of Twitter was filling out job applications for McDonald’s.

The rumors of Drake’s generosity may have been greatly exaggerated however.

CNN entertainment reporter Chole Melas did a little digging and discovered the far less exciting truth.

And Twitter did not appreciate having been lied to.

Then again, if you got a $10,000 tip from a rap superstar, would you want the IRS finding out? Probably not.

So who is telling the truth? The world may never know.