Ariana Grande Just Asked Tyra Banks How She Would Make Her Over ‘Top Model’-Style—And Tyra’s Response Is On Point

And now for the latest chapter in “Stars: They’re just like us!”—they have their own massive celebrity obsessions!

The difference is, when you’re a celebrity, sometimes you get to actually talk about your celebrity obsessions with the actual celebrity you’re obsessed with. So stars are not at all like us in that regard… but still!

So Tyra Banks—obviously an icon, obviously a force of nature, obviously one of the shrewdest businesswomen in the game. The woman is opening her own “theme park,” for God’s sake. She’s a genius and that’s just that.

Which is why even Ariana Grande—arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now—is obsessed with her too!

So when Tyra tweeted about Ari’s iconic ponytail…

…Ariana… kind of lost it?

And, Aunt Ty-Ty, being the icon she is, responded immediately with the real tea on Ari’s hair.

First of all, did you know that Tyra Banks is like a professor at Stanford??? I did not, and I am gagged. She teaches a course called “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand” at the graduate business school there. As in MBA students. Has there ever been anything more perfect? The answer is no.

Anyway I mention all of this because—like all of us—Tyra is such an Ariana stan that SHE TEACHES ARIANA’S PONYTAIL AT STANFORD AND NO THAT’S NOT EVEN A JOKE THAT’S THE ACTUAL TWEET HERE READ THIS:

I… are you… have you ever…

This is perfect. Everything about this is perfect.

Ariana somehow didn’t die of elation and responded accordingly:

And folks on Twitter were all about this Ari/Ty-Ty back-and-forth:

So yeah this is a thing that happened! Anyway, gotta go, time to study for the GMAT or whatever it is that gets you into business school because the bell is ringing and Professor Tyra surely does not tolerate latecomers!