The Feud Between Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Is Officially Back On After Hugh’s Scathing Aviation Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been feuding for awhile now, and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. Not to mention, it’s sexy AF. Recently, they called a truce to promote each other’s beverages, but let’s just say the feud is back on and it’s more fiery than ever.

The rivalry began when the two actors were at their peak Wolverine/Deadpool days.

Since then it has grown from superhero banter…

… into practical jokes …

… into jabs at each other’s looks.

The two Marvel superheroes decided to put their differences in order to promote each other’s beverage companies — Hugh Jackman has a coffee company, Laughing Man Coffee, and Ryan Reynolds has Aviation Gin.

They each set out to make commercials for the other’s company.

Check out the result.

While Jackman feels like their efforts were a “job well done,” Reynolds doesn’t agree.

The rekindling of the furious fire is too much for people.

Best feud ever.