Living Thirst Trap And Gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy Is Joining The Cast Of ‘American Horror Story’ For Season 9

Olympians Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon made headlines in winter 2018 as the only two openly gay American athletes to be competing in the Winter Olympics.

And what could we do but fall for Gus Kenworthy’s ridiculously adorable smile?

Coming in late 2018, the Olympics and NBC/sports networks won’t be the only place to catch Gus Kenworthy and his smile (and probably also his abs):

American Horror Story ‘s showrunner, Ryan Murphy, announced that Gus Kenworthy would be joining the cast of season 9.

He will be starring opposite longtime cast member Emma Roberts as Roberts’ character’s boyfriend.

Kenworthy took home the Olympic silver medal in Men’s Freestyle Skiiing in 2014.

The skiier says he’s ready for any challenges the role might bring.

Ryan Murphy hasn’t revealed much about season 9 at all, aside from Kenworthy’s casting.

But people are thrilled:

Kenworthy has somewhat of a reputation as a… total thirst trap.

For those of you who don’t have a computer yet somehow managed to find this article anyway, a thirst trap is somebody who posts frequent photos of themselves on social media without much or any clothing on.

Not that we’re upset about that:

We and all the rest of the people on Twitter responded well to the thirst.

American Horror Story Season 9 premieres in fall 2019.  The series has been ordered through Season 10, and due to the cycling nature of the characters and actors on the show, that means Kenworthy will have more chances to appear.

Perhaps he’ll even be accompanied by Adam Rippon.  There’s always room for more.