Tomi Lahren Claims Her Ancestors ‘Discovered America’ In Response To Nicki Minaj Calling Her Out For Her 21 Savage Tweet

You guys ever meet that person who just keeps talking even when they know they’re wrong? Or who won’t back down even when confronted with facts? Or is right just because they say so and that’s it? For a lot of you, the person that came to mind was a toddler or young child. For some, it’s that awful ex. For Nicki Minaj, it’s Tomi Lahren. Recently, Tomi gloated about rapper 21 Savage potentially being deported. It struck a lot of people as strange considering Tomi had previously posted videos of herself rapping along to his music. To make matters worse, she gloated by using one of his own lyrics.

21 Savage (legal name Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) was born in the UK, but has been in the States since he was a young child. He grew up here, was educated here, made a name for himself here, pays taxes here, employs a team of people here, contributes to the economy here, etc. His parents’ work visas expired some time in 2005 or 2006, when he would have been about 13 years old. He could not have left the country to go back to the UK on his own even if he wanted to. Abraham-Joseph does have his own visa application already in the works, it has been “processing” since well before ICE picked him up. He does have a 2014 drug conviction in Georgia, but it has been the subject of quite a few questions for several years and was not related to his 2019 arrest by ICE. He is being held in what is widely considered “one of the worst detention facilities in the US” — a facility under fire for numerous human rights violations — and has been there for several days now. He is eligible for bond, but has not been given that option.

His attorney released a statement about the situation:

“ICE has not charged Mr. Abraham-Joseph with any crime. As a minor, his family overstayed their work visas, and he, like almost two million other children, was left without legal status through no fault of his own.  This is a civil law violation, and the continued detention of Mr. Abraham-Joseph serves no other purpose than to unnecessarily punish him and try to intimidate him into giving up his right to fight to remain in the United States.”

With all of that information available to the public, Tomi’s gloating rubbed fans, nonfans, followers and even other celebrities the wrong way. Cardi B, who has had previous issues with Tomi, called her out on it. One of the more surprising call-outs came from Nicki Minaj. Considering her lyrics and her almost cartoonishly over-the-top personality, people were kind of surprised with how well thought out and eloquent Nicki’s response was…. except that last part. That last part is the Nicki we all know and love.

Solid point, Nicki.


Tomi responded in classic Tomi form. She sort of shrugged and was like “I don’t make the rules!” Lahren then said that she hoped he got an entertainers’ visa or became a citizen so he could stay. In previous posts, Tomi called herself a fan — again, odd to see a “fan” actively mocking an artist on various social media platforms for a situation that he did not start, has no control of, and was already handling through the appropriate channels. Taking pleasure in knowing that someone who committed no crime is locked up in a facility that even the UN has called deplorable is… well… deplorable, as far as many people are concerned.

Tomi then topped that sundae off with this cherry — claiming that her ancestors did discover America. Fun Fact: You can’t “discover” a continent that people are already actively living on with societies, structures, culture, religion, cuisine, etc. We used to tell young children that Columbus discovered America because it’s an easier concept to explain than colonization and trade routes and the slaughter of millions — but that concept is expanded upon as children grow and continue their education. Even young children are no longer taught “discovery” in many places. They are told he landed and was able to mark maps for Italy and Spain with a solid location, since there were rumors and whispers of the continent but no official proof. Tomi, though… she is sticking with the inaccurate “discovery” story even though she is clearly old enough to know better and has the power of a smartphone and search engines right at her fingertips.

Here’s Tomi’s response. 


Let’s say, just for a moment, that we were going to roll with the Columbus discovered America thing … that still wouldn’t make Tomi right. Her ancestors were German and had literally nothing to do with the early colonization of America. They arrived in the 1900s and were actually indicted for forging their immigration paperwork. Turns out the one doing the most complaining is the one with legitimately shaky citizenship ground — not the man currently sitting in an ICE detention center. So, we don’t know if you guys have noticed or not, but Twitter can be pretty quick to swoop in and proverbially swat you in the back of the head when needed. They got savage on Tomi — some might say they got … 21 savage.  (Puns are why we make the big bucks, people; roll with it.)

Cardi B may have threatened to dog walk Tomi – but it looks like Twitter went ahead and actually did it. 


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