Lady Gaga Got Trapped In The Most Cringeworthy Interview With Ryan Seacrest At The Grammys

Lady Gaga dazzled red carpet spectators at the 2019 Grammy Awards in her silver high-slit gown complemented by her sparkling necklaces and studded high heels.

But the A Star is Born actress won’t be remembered for her sartorial endeavors on Grammy night. Her 2019 red carpet moment will be forever synonymous with Ryan Seacrest’s awkward interview.

Judging by the E! News correspondent Ryan Seacrest’s interviewing skills, one would think he was an amateur with his handheld microphone.

The interview had an innocuous start, but at one point, Seacrest shoved the mic in front of Gaga’s face without asking a question. He just kinda chatted her up about her upcoming performance at the Oscars with Bradley Cooper, and his wrist went rogue.

Was she expected to add more details? That microphone usually is a clue that it’s someone’s turn to respond, but there was no lead-up.

Confusing, right? She thought so.

See for yourself, in a video posted by this Twitter user:

For a brief moment, time stood still, and you could almost hear crickets. But the pop music royalty knows how to navigate through weird situations like this and responded like she would — by calling him out.

While mimicking his invasive mic gesture, she quipped.

“You’re, like, answer my question, but I’m not asking one.”

Seacrest resumed without acknowledging his strange interviewing tactic and said, “We’re out of time, so I have to let you go. It says toss to break.”

Twitter was just as stumped as Gaga was.

Though the two were not in sync, they were able to poke fun over their bizarre exchange moments later.

Seacrest closed his interview, declaring, “We’ll be right back,” and once again pointed the mic at the slack-jawed Gaga who had nothing more to add.

Meanwhile, Gaga remains on an impressive winning streak after winning a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, “Shallow” from A Star is Born.

Before the ceremony, she joked that she wasn’t going to wear any makeup in preparation for tears of joy.