Stormi Just Had An Extravagant 1st Birthday Party That Was Fancier Than Anything In Our Lives Will Ever Be

First birthday parties typically aren’t the kind of thing most parents go all out for. The baby won’t remember it, children that age are pretty easily overwhelmed and tire out quickly, and in a lot of people’s minds it’s just not worth it.

Typically, the parents will get a cute little cake, let their one-year-old smash their faces into it, snap some pictures for Instagram and call it a day.

None of the Kardashian or Jenner girls, however, are typical parents and Kendall just proved she’s no exception to that rule. When your family brand is essentially being extra, you know you’ve got to go all out for all parties – even first birthdays.

Kendall’s daughter, Stormi, had her first birthday party delayed because of the weather initially – but once it did happen it was a total blowout in ways most of us can’t imagine. Kendall, her mother and sisters, and Stormi’s father, rapper Travis Scott,  put together a carnival-themed party for the little one. If you’re thinking cute little hats and a little striped tent cake, we’re going to need you to think bigger. WAY bigger.

Stormiworld, as it was dubbed, featured actual carnival rides, customized cakes and cookies, a live band playing Baby Shark, and a dude with pretzels on his head (or maybe he’s carrying a pretzel umbrella?) Also, the party seemed to have a strange sub-theme of Stormi’s mouth. There was a carnival game where you had to try and toss balls into the one-year-old’s open mouth.






















Guests arrived to find they’d be expected to enter through this: 










































Yes, you are absolutely looking at a massive facade of Stormi’s face with her mouth open for people to walk into – complete with an anatomically correct roof. Peep them ridges, folks. The one-year-old got a tiny designer bag as one of her gifts, guests ate from containers branded with Stormi’s logo (nope, there’s no mis-type there), drank from cups branded with “Stormiworld”, were entertained by rides and large characters to play with, and – once again – Pretzel head/umbrella guy.

We are zero percent joking about him. 






















Twitter had a field day with this party of course. 


Kendall, fully aware of her extra-ness, brushed off any criticism by saying she just had to go all out for her baby.

I guess, if you have to go all out for someone, it should be your kid.