Ben Affleck Confirms What Everyone’s Been Hearing About The Future Of ‘Batman’

Ben Affleck recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to announce he’s officially retiring as Batman.

Affleck plans to hang up the Baitsuit and move out of the Batcave confirming persistent rumors of his exit from the DC Universe over creative differences.

But fans of the legendary caped crusader aren’t convinced Affleck will go down in history like beloved Batman actors Christian Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

After struggling to develop the next Batman film, Affleck decided to “let someone else take a shot at it.”

The longtime A-list actor appeared as Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting alter ego in Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and Suicide Squad. But Affleck claims he “couldn’t crack it” after being tasked with directing the next installment of Batman. 

Following the announcement, fans debated Ben Affleck’s legacy as Batman. 

But Affleck was unpopular with some longtime fans of the character.

But mostly, people are disappointed he’s leaving the DC Universe. 

Some argued Affleck’s true vision for Batman was killed in development.

What’s next for Ben Affleck?

The Batman alum told Jimmy Kimmel he’s preparing to release a new film on Netflix called Triple Frontier which is about five friends who reunite to hunt down a South American drug lord.


Meanwhile, 2021’s The Batman is on track for release, but they’re still searching for the next Bruce Wayne.


I’m guessing Matt Damon will take a shot at the role.