Chris Evans’ Hilarious Response To A Less-Than-Flattering Photo Of Him Wins The Internet For Today

Chris Evans is arguably the perfect man. He is Captain America, a dog lover, and has a killer sense of humor. He also recently made his Broadway debut for which he had to grow an epic ‘stache. The look was questionable, even for the utmost Chris Evans fans out there, but he took it all in stride and for the sake of art until recently.

Evans recently debuted in Lobby Hero on Broadway. He played a cop involved in a murder investigation alongside Bel Powley, Michael Cera, and Brian Tyree Henry.

The role required him to grow and maintain a mustache, causing him to get “mustache profiled” as,

“either a cop or a porn actor”.

Luckily for Evans, the play closed 2 1/2 months later allowing him to shave the ‘stache.

But recently, ET Canada used a picture of Evans with the lip toupee to promote his upcoming film, Infinite.

Evans was less than amused at their photo choice.

The internet can’t stop laughing at Evans’ response to the “act of aggression”.

Some Canadian entertainment companies even took it upon themselves to apologize for the actions of their fellow countrymen.

‘Stache or no ‘stache, there’s not denying that Chris Evans is one heck of a guy.