Tucker Carlson Apparently Called One Of His Guests A ‘F**king Moron’ During A Prerecorded Interview, And Now He’s Getting Called Out

Dutch author Rutger Bregman recently spoke at the Davos financial forum, causing a small controversy among the gathered millionaires and billionaires when he suggested many of our culture’s problems could be solved by ultra-wealthy people paying their fair share of taxes *GASP!*

After a clip of the exchange went viral around the world, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, known for his repeated insistences that he’s giving thoughtful interviews, invited Bregman on his show to dive into the subject of economics.

According to Bregman, the exchange didn’t go so well:

Not only did the interview go badly—Bregman emailed to find out when it would air after the fact and received a direct message from Calrson himself telling Bregman that he is not going to air the interview, but he also gave Bregman a fun new nickname!

Tucker wrote to Bregman:

“I loved what you said at Davos, so I had high hopes for our interview. But you turned out to be far dumber, more dogmatic and less impressive than I expected. You’re professional academic, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it was still disappointing. Also, for what it’s worth, you’re an a**hole.”

Them’s fighting words. Fortunately, Bregman seems ready to tumble. On Tuesday night, after Carlson was supposed to air the interview, the author tweeted at the Fox News host claiming to have a recording of the exchange…ALL of it.

Twitter is very proud of Bregman for being insulted by Carlson!

The hatred of Tucker Carlson is a badge of honor amongst many liberals.

According to Bregman, what really set Tucker off was the observation that Carlson is a “millionaire funded by billionaires.”

It would really suck for him if that fact were to spread everywhere through some sort of viral story.

What happened in that interview?!

Justin Wells, Senior Executive Producer at Tucker Carlson Tonight, commented on the decision not to air Bregman’s interview in a totally normal and not-suspicious way:

“Tucker is someone who appreciates many points of view. Sadly, the guest turned an opportunity to have a substantive, informative discussion into an obviously calculated personal insult campaign.  We were disappointed in the segment and respect our audience’s time too much to consider airing it.”

Time will tell whether or not Bregman will release the alleged audio of his interview with Tucker…but the people of the internet certainly hope he will.