The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Just Sent Jenna Fischer Gifts For Her Birthday, But Steve Carell’s Was The Clear Winner

Fans of The Office (so… everyone who’s seen it?), brace yourselves. You’re about to get an adorable moment that proves the cast is still as loving and close in real life as they are in our collective imaginations.

It was Jenna Fischer’s birthday recently, so when she made an appearance on Busy Phillips’ show, there were obviously gifts. Busy put together a segment that involved Jenna getting gifts from her former cast mates – but she had to guess who sent what gift.

Jenna did surprisingly well opening gifts and explaining how she knew who each gift was from. For example, Ellie Kemper sent her raisin crisps. She knew who it was from right away since the two women once munched through about four boxes while filming an episode. Jenna also got a bread shirt and a banjo before Busy lead her over to the big box.

Like… really big

Busy Tonight/YouTube


Without missing a beat, Jenna popped the lid open, and let me tell you the poor thing was not braced for her surprise. At all. She let out a scream (that made Busy laugh) when she came face-to-face with what was in the box. Literally face-to-face;  because the surprise hiding in the box was Steve Carell! Scaring the crap out of people on their birthday is an Office tradition, after all.

Honestly, we’re loving how amused Busy Phillips is by the emotional roller-coaster she sent Jenna on. 

Busy Tonight/YouTube


That scream almost immediately gave way to tears and Jenna dove right in for one of the most adorable heart-felt hugs we’ve seen in a long time. Busy put the video up on YouTube, where it took off like a rocket. Jenna shared it on her Twitter. The entire segment lasted just over three minutes, so it’s a quick (and super cute) watch.

Check it out: 


Twitter can’t get over how much they love this. 


What show would you love to see have an adorable reunion moment like the one Jenna and Steve had? Sound off!