Martha Stewart’s Helpful ‘Tip’ For Cooking Lobster Is Honestly Dark AF

Martha Stewart recently shared a dark tip about giving lobsters a shot of vodka before boiling them alive.

Martha Stewart’s influence touches on nearly every sphere of domestic life: whether it’s cooking (baking, grilling or hors d’oeuvre-ing), entertaining. housekeepingflower-arranging, or weddings—so it’s not surprising she has an opinion about how to cook lobsters. In fact, you might say she can do anything; in fact she even has a book that proves that she can do anything—well, almost anything: The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything.

Stewart recently appeared alongside actress Jennifer Garner in a viral Facebook Live video that left viewers feeling weirdly sympathetic for the lobsters. Apparently, Stewart tosses in a shot of vodka or tequila into the boiling water when she’s cooking up some crustaceans.

The queen of home decor and culinary class also told Garner, “If you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you like to have a drink first?”

People got strange vibes from Martha Stewart’s cold-blooded yet weirdly compassionate advice for boiling lobsters.

Twitter couldn’t decide on how to take Martha’s unusual advice.

But PETA took issue with Martha Stewart boiling lobsters alive.

Some actually agreed with PETA’s takedown of lobster cruelty.

But most people roasted PETA for dissing Martha Stewart’s seafood tutorial.

In other weird Martha Stewart news, she recently made headlines for launching a line of cannabis products for pets.

If Martha’s willing to give her lobsters a shot of vodka before boiling them, why not try giving them a little bit of weed next time? It’s gotta suck being boiled alive, but maybe it’s easier if you’re baked first.