A New ‘Me On Ellen’ Meme Is Both Bonkers And Morbid, And We Can’t Get Enough

Perhaps the biggest secret to the success of The Ellen DeGeneres Show is its relentlessly positive take on humanity.

Over the years, Ellen has made a name for herself as something of a “go-to” for feel-good stories about, well, just plain old folks like you and me! A kid does something cute on YouTube and suddenly they’re being flown to Los Angeles for a stint on Ellen’s stage. A guy does hilarious, visceral food reviews and suddenly he’s Ellen’s resident food critic.

And then of course there’s the moments where Ellen changes the life of someone in need, from people with medical issues to  schools in need to subway dance crews who could use an extra hand.

It’s really quite wonderful, and an antidote to the bonkers times in which we live.

But here’s the thing: since we live on the darkest timeline, for many of us relentless positivity is not really our forte at the moment, which is why we exorcise this horror with pitch-black memes that make light of death and despair. It’s like our modern-day version of painting our way through the Bubonic Plague!

So it was probably only a matter of time before this creeping sense of existential dread found its way into pitch-black parodies of the relentlessly upbeat Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it’s both the most disturbing and relatable thing to ever happen.

What if Ellen altered her show to reflect the fact that we all feel like we’re staring into life’s suppurating Hell Mouth 24 hours a day? Probably something like this!

Thank God we have Ellen to shine some sunlight into this egregiously stupid moment in history, but if she’s looking to make her show a bit more realistic… well, the internet’s chock full of deeply disturbing and royalty-free ideas!