Halle Berry Just Got A Tattoo Down Her Spine That Looks Like It Was Incredibly Painful

If you’re not a fan of tattoos, there are things about them that you may not know. First of all, what it feels like can vary widely depending on your artist, your body, and your placement. A heavy-handed artist is going to hurt a bit more than someone with a light touch. Generally, the “fluffier” you are the less it hurts since you’re not really over bone. There are some areas of your body that just hurt, no matter how light your artists touch is or how much padding you’ve got.

Halle Berry, up until now, hasn’t really struck us as a tattoo-loving celeb. In fact, we asked around the office and none of us could recall whether or not she had any tattoos. Whether she did or did not before – she certainly does now. At least according to her Instagram.

Check out this pic she just shared! 

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Who says I’m not a mermaid ????‍♀️

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Taking into account what we talked about earlier in the article – this tattoo must have hurt. Halle isn’t naturally equipped with a ton of fluff. Spines are among one of the more painful spots to get inked, particularly for slender people. It’s all right over bone! We don’t know if the piece is real or not, but if it is then Halle Berry is a certified TANK because it must have hurt badly.

There are tons of options if it’s not real. It could be henna, it could be airbrush, it could be a stamp or temporary ink. It could be for a role or just for fun. We don’t have answers just yet – not about the art or about why Halle Berry thinks it’s safe to fry eggs totally topless; so we’re just going to go ahead and throw in a disclaimer here. Don’t fry anything topless. Burned nipples are the absolute worst.

Her Instagram followers sure had a lot to say about the pic: 









Some followers called it beautiful, others hideous. Some said the work was excellent while others said it looked “like it was done with a fading sharpie.” We know what her followers think, but we want your opinion. Sound off in the comments!